Ten Tips For First Years

Posted by the edtapper on 17.10.2018


Ten tips for First years

· Be sure to look after all your belongings, marking them with your name if possible.

· Make sure that you arrive to school on time. Check out how long it takes to get to your new school. This includes the bus, car, bicycle or train journey time and any additional walking time.

· In the first few days, take your time in walking round the corridors and get to know the space. Take notice of school 'landmarks' that will help you find you way about the building.

· Check out all the sports, drama, musical societies and other extracurricular activities. Be ready to participate in any of these activities if interested.

· Be friendly and cooperate with everyone, especially teachers and try get along with everyone in your class.

· Listen carefully to instructions and also to fellow students. You will learn from them too and discover who shares your interests and values.

· Remember that you will be here for maybe 6/7 years. Be positive and don’t judge anything or anybody just yet.

· Focus well on your school work and the new subjects you take.

· Socialize and make friends.

And don’t forget that it always helps in getting to know the name of the teacher

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